Video Marketing Takes an Army

By Matt Ballek, Natural Search Supervisor, Content Solutions

I recently had a conversation on Twitter about the common pitfalls of video optimization (warning! search geek alert), and one theme became apparent. It takes more than one video to achieve video marketing success.

You couldn't run a successful blog with only one post or an efficient paid search campaign with only one keyword. So why would you expect to SEO your way to online success with only one video ?

just one video

Sure, there's an off chance that your one video will "go viral". There's also a chance you might win the lottery, but I'm not banking on either. Instead, think about creating a portfolio of short videos around a specific topic (an army of videos if you will).

The truth of the matter is that not all videos will perform similarly, and you won't know what works until you try. One of your videos may reach a broad general audience, while another may reach a smaller, more passionate crowd. One video may spur an interesting conversation in the comments section, while another may sit in a conversational vacuum.

Having an army of videos not only gives you more opportunities for your videos to rank on specific keywords, it also gives you more insight into how video can work for your business. Do news videos or tutorial videos work best ? Do product overviews perform better than product detail videos? Once you know, you can begin to organize your videos in a meaningful way on your website and across the web:

videos organized by purchase funnel

Now instead of just getting views, you're making sales and growing an audience.

So start growing your army of video content. You'll need it to compete with the 20 hours of new videos uploaded every minute.

Army of Videos

For more information, be sure to check out my army of videos.


Richard van den Boogaard said...

Hi Matt,

Spot on! It's all about creating a flood of (consistent) content, if you want to achieve a lasting position in YouTube and Google (indirectly).

However, video SEO is part of the equation - the hygiene factors, if you will. Much like Google with PageRank, YouTube places a lot of value on what the community thinks of the content and how they respond to it.

So just uploading a torrent of vids and optimizing the metadata will get you a good initial position, but will not last if it is not picked up, discussed and shared along.

Great post, keep up the good work.

Matt Ballek said...

Thanks Richard !

You bring up a good point that I failed to mention in the post:

Create an army of GOOD videos. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Matt,

At first, I thought the article was negative on video marketing, in that it took an army of experts. But after reading your points, I agree with your points and the graphics, by the way, are tremendous. Check out what we're up to, I'd be interested in your thoughts.

Matt Kaplan
VP Marketing, VisibleGains

Matt Ballek said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the artwork. :)

I had the opportunity to review your website and services and the ability to have a conversation with prospective buyers using video is very exciting.

This would be a great solution for those looking to use video on their website for conversion purposes.

I'll have to take a deeper look and showcase my findings at (my video SEO blog)

Rachel said...


Great post! As a web video production company that specializes in marketing and SEO, we couldn't agree more. It can take time to figure out what will work best for each particular brand/business and having a well rounded arsenal of video definitely helps, not only for SEO but also for measuring engagement and crafting long-term strategy.

Matt Ballek said...

Hi Rachel,

Glad you enjoyed the post. I have a feeling it would only be a matter of time before someone from would see this post :)

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