One Junkie’s ‘Search’ For a New Fix

By Tara Nofziger, Account Strategist, Client Solutions

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a TV junkie. I can pretty much give you the storylines, cast and season recap of the entire CBS line-up, and I’m fairly confident I’ve seen every episode (at least 3 times) of Bravo’s Real Housewives of( Insert City Here). In fact, I’ve been so enthralled (disturbed) by these series that I’ve admittedly logged online to search for the Housewives Blog they endorse on their TV promo. Now, have I convinced you of my love for TV yet? Or do I also need to bring up the joy I get from late night syndication (Friends…Seinfeld re-runs, anyone?). Nah, I think we’re good.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to being an active participant of TV viewing (aka TV Junkie), I also have a background working in television advertising. After spending 4 years in traditional media, my transition to search has been interesting & enlightening for several reasons, but one aspect of learning that differs & sticks out between the two more than any other is consumer behavior; which in my opinion, by understanding, is the backbone to any successful marketing strategy.

Search is like no other medium out there. It’s both non-interruptive & informative. Consumers are actually looking for & want to find our brands by seeking them out willingly. Who else can do that? Consumers are literally handing over in depth details, describing exactly what they’re interested in or trying to find, no matter how personal, random or absurd. Simply put, search query reports are the new focus group. Regardless of the numerous different associations consumers make with a brand, these search queries provide insight & help provoke ideas for new ways of reaching users who are already interested in a brand, as well as targeting new consumers. These are just a few examples of why search induced consumer behavior is unique. Not to mention, search provides a one of a kind landscape where being reactionary to these new learnings & findings can be implemented relatively quickly.

This is not to discount traditional media, as many tributes can be made for the TV advertising /search relationship working together in tandem, as part of a holistic marketing plan; including my own Housewives TV promo driving me to their online blog example. However, there is no disputing that search has grown in such a short period of time because it proves its value to advertisers by offering what no other medium can- consumer psyche.

I’m not saying that I don’t still get a rush when I pick up that remote control; but I have started to notice that familiar feeling when I pull my Google query reports now, making me realize that quite possibly I’ve become a search junkie.


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