The Foundation of Marketing – Giving Consumers What they Want

By Tom Kuthy, VP, Marketing & Business Development

For many years I worked in new product development at packaged goods companies like Procter & Gamble, Kellogg and Frito-Lay. The foundation of our new product development effort was to figure out what kind of products consumers wanted and then go about developing those products, naming, them, branding them and packaging them.

The hardest part of the process, by far, was figuring out exactly what consumers truly wanted. To get an answer, we would conduct focus groups and later quantitative research to gain insight into this crucial question. Only when this question was answered, could we productively proceed with our new product development efforts.

The advent of search marketing has turned this issue completely on its side. No longer is it expensive and time consuming to try to determine what consumers want. Every day, millions of consumers type words and phrases into Google, Yahoo and other search engines telling marketers exactly what they want.

In addition, by voting with their clicks, these consumers tell us which ads compel them to take action, and which product or service offerings motivate them to buy. All we have to do is organize this massive “online focus group” data into meaningful information that can be used to inform our SEM and SEO work.

Resolution Media’s proprietary Digital Behavior Analysis is designed to be the foundation of our search marketing activities.

By understanding search behavior, we can create more powerful SEM campaigns, with more tightly themed ad groups and thereby maximize quality score and improve efficiency.

By understanding search behavior, we can determine how to organize content on web pages, and maximize the position of a page in the natural search results.

By understanding search behavior, we can understand which messages resonate with consumers and optimize all of our online and offline communications.

By understanding search behavior…
we can become better marketers in almost every way.


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