The New Face of CPG E-Commerce?

By Betsy Carpenter, Manager, Marketing & Business Development

Did anyone ever notice how happy the Bradys were(you know- Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter...)? I mean, aside from the kids petty sad excuses for real-life problems, Mr. and Mrs. Brady always seemed at ease. When I was younger this seemed completely abnormal to me based on the hectic household I grew up in (4 girls, excluding my mom - sometimes one bathroom - you do the math). Upon further review of the show, however, the answer to their sanity suddenly somehow became clear - Alice. Alice did everything from cook, to clean, to provide the much needed corny comic relief. Today (outside of Nick at Nite and my middle name) Alices don't exist, until now.

Enter the new face of CPG products - is a new site bringing you all the comforts you find in your home or at the local grocery store, at the convenience of your web browser. It's very simple - sign up for an account, and start placing orders.

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Aside from convenience, offers a wide variety of benefits.

  • Compare products and find the best price
  • Automatic coupons
  • Manage your home essentials effortlessly
  • Reminders for when you're basics are running low (that's right never find yourself without TP)
  • And, possibly best of all, FREE SHIPPING

I know what you're thinking - what's in it for me? What's in it for them? Well the answer is - there is a benefit for everyone.

  • provides consumers the ease of shopping for home essentials from the comforts of, well, their home. That along with free shipping and coupons makes this an option sure to compete with your local grocer
  • provides manufacturers not only the ability to pocket the normal retail markup for themselves, but also the ability to directly connect with their consumers and mine those digital marketing insights for themselves
  • benefits through advertising, hosting electronic coupons, and various other database marketing programs

Sounds like a win-win-win huh? Quoting CEO Brian Wiegand "We've created a platform that allows the major CPG manufacturers to actually become the retailer and sell directly to the consumer." In a current CPG environment where online sales account for only 1% of the total CPG sales, opens up a lot of exciting doors for brands and their marketers.


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