It’s All About Relationships

By David Levy, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships

As we all know, search engine marketing is becoming an increasingly commoditized product. There are hundreds of search marketing firms in existence and only a limited number of marketers who need these services. How do you differentate yourself in this landscape?

Everyone has their point of differentiation.

Some focus on their proprietary technology (though I’ve posted my thoughts about some of the limitations that go along with this). Others focus on strategy. And there’s everything in between. There’s no doubt that these points of differentiation are important, but, don’t underestimate the importance of what marketers are often times really looking for – a trusted business partner.

In my opinion, the essence of a true business partner can be boiled down to one core idea – relationships. This certainly means the relationships that agencies foster with their clients. But, just as importantly, this also means the relationships that agencies cultivate internally.

Focusing on this is how you can differentiate yourself in a commoditized marketplace.

  • Are you consistently demonstrating to your clients that you will be a fun team to work with?
  • Do your clients see that you enjoy working with each person on your team?
  • Can you clearly articulate your thoughts in a way that is easy to understand?
  • Are you taking the time to get to know both your clients and your colleagues on a personal level?
These are just some of the questions that, if answered (and clearly demonstrated), drive past the notions of strategy, technology, and all of the other “shiny/blinky” things that agencies rely upon...down to what really matters – showing that you are a trusted business partner.

Remember, people buy from people.


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