Marketing + Technology = The Future

By David Levy, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships

Last week, I was lucky enough to represent Resolution Media at the Omniture Summit 2009 in Salt Lake City. In addition to all of the wonderful people that I met, there was a theme that I kept hearing over and over again throughout this conference, and was hammered home by George Colony, the Chairman and CEO of Forrester during his keynote address -- that smart, innovative marketing, combined with technology is the future of the marketing discipline.

This idea is both simple and powerful.

With all of the different technologies out there -- from business optimization tools like Omniture, to e-mail technologies such as ExactTarget, to search-specific tools like DART Search, it can make your head spin. The challenge becomes, how do we best utilize these technologies?

With so many choices, it shows you that proprietary technologies can potentially be limiting. In many cases, it forces the solution to fit the technology, not vice versa…and not good. We must have the flexibility to leverage the best technology to solve our unique challenges.

Additionally, it shows us that the key output of leveraging technology must be low-cost, efficient execution. We must use technology as a means by which we can increase the time we spend on delivering real business value – our thinking and our innovation.

It’s really that simple.

Our jobs now become about utilizing this combination of innovative marketing and technology to win the game -- acquiring and retaining customers over the long-term. The question is, who’s ready to play?


Dan Kuthy said...

One day in college, I was sitting around thinking about what type of career I wanted to pursue.

I sat down at my desk and said, "I want to be at the intersection of technology and marketing."

Based on this post, it looks like I made a good choice.

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