A Year in Review

By Betsy Carpenter, Coordinator, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Last year, on January 14, 2008 Find Resolution was born. Although it is not quite our blog’s birthday yet, it seems appropriate to kickoff 2009 by reporting on the success of the past year.

Over the past (almost) 12 months, Find Resolution has published 379 postings from a variety of in-house RM search experts. Looking back, you might be thinking, “Wait a minute lady, there are postings here from before 2008!” You would be correct, but none of those were actually posted until after 2008. The postings shown prior to 2008 were all Resolution Media bylines we decided to post on our blog for easier, more efficient archiving purposes.

Anyway, in 2008 our blog received over 26,000 pageviews from over 10,000 unique visitors! Among the many topics covered on our blog, Mobile Search, Paid Search, and the Future of Search were the most visited blog labels (named in rank order). Although it is hard to say what blog postings were most successful, here are our top 10 ranked by number of pageviews and comments.

Remember, Find Resolution was created as a community space. We truly appreciate all feedback and comments – it is the only way we know how to best serve you (our readers) in the future. Thank you to all who have contributed in making our blog successful. Cheers to an even better 2009!

Top 10 Posts by Pageviews:

  1. With A/B Testing – You Don’t Think, You Know
  2. Google Analytics Ready for Battle
  3. 2009 Predictions for Search Marketing
  4. A Quick Lesson in Title Tag Optimization
  5. Can Google Predict the Election?
  6. What’s Different About Mobile SEO (Part 1)
  7. Search Marketers Have Lost Their Heads
  8. Google SearchWiki: Wikity Wikity Whack?
  9. Building Links with Big Brand Websites, Part 2
  10. Domain Regulations that will Change the Face of the Web

Top 10 Posts by Number of Comments:

  1. Words to Live By: Notable Quotables & Advice
  2. SERFs UP!
  3. What’s in Your RSS Reader?
  4. 2009 Predictions for Search Marketing
  5. Got Game? Search Does.
  6. 2008, the Year of ??? (Part 1 of 2)
  7. Testing, Benchmarking, Strategy and That Other Word…
  8. Be the Ruler of Your Domain
  9. There’s no S-T-R-A-T-E-G-Y in Testing Technologies
  10. Domain Regulations that will Change the Face of the Web


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