Finding Resolution in 2008

Corporate blogs have been the talk of the town for a while, so to speak. Some people view them as a must to stay current within the online realm. But, with everything ‘hot’ on the Internet, one must be cautious about beginning such a venture. After all, some are successful. Some can be detrimental to the brand. So, as I write the inaugural posting of the Resolution Media blog, I must ask – how do we create a community space? How will we contribute our knowledge to the online world? How do we leverage this platform to continue the advancement of the industry?

A blog can do many things – disseminate information on the current state of the industry; educate those in the community as to what we do and what sets us apart as query-centric marketing specialists; and define who we are as a company – both internally and externally. But the real benefit of a blog is to build a community. It’s all about listening and enabling a forum for feedback to allow us to grow and work together.

It is our goal for this blog to provide insights, thought leadership, expert opinion and projection, and give you folks out there a look into the personalities and culture that have made Resolution Media what it is today. Just like the search industry, we’ve come a long way in a short time – many of us in the business since the genesis of online marketing. We view this blog as an opportunity to continue making an impact on the future of Query Marketingsm and as a means to creating a community for Resolution Media employees, clients, partners and the industry at large. Dialogue is key to progress, and we hope that you join us in the conversation.


Matt Spiegel, CEO


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