SEO for Broadcast Media

By Bryson Meunier, Supervisor, Search Engine Optimization

It may sound like a paradox, but there are a number of things with regard to search engine rankings that large brands could be thinking about when they create and promote broadcast media. Thanks to Casey on our New York team for asking good questions during training, which helped us come up with this list of SEO best practices to be used when creating broadcast media:
Define Success Metrics – Traditionally television and radio advertising are best for branding purposes, but DR can be a possibility if search is involved. Regardless, brands no longer need to blast their message into the broadcast beyond and hope it sticks.

  1. Keyword Research – can help define concepts and keywords that the client’s brand will be associated with. Research can be used in development of the creative.
  2. Optimize script – creative copyediting or working with the copywriters to introduce keywords subtly into the script.
  3. Optimize video/audio – Any digital versions of the commercials can be optimized in video or podcast form for increased visibility.
  4. Video/audio Distribution – Selecting high traffic outlets like Youtube and iTunes and niche markets to drive qualified traffic and submitting the optimized media.
  5. Call to search – Consider using a search phrase as a call to action, re: Google Pontiac
  6. Vanity domain considerations – Before purchasing a vanity domain, consider natural search issues that might arise (e.g. keywords in domain, blacklisted domains, temporary vs. permanent redirects, etc)
  7. Press release optimization and distribution – Press release in conjunction with campaign can be optimized for targeted keywords and distributed to relevant outlets
  8. Buzz tracking/reporting – Ensure web analytics is installed on the promotional site and properly tracking visitors. Learn from viewers’ actions and take those learnings back to the drawing board.
  9. Integration with Interactive:
    1. Website optimization for URLs created for the commercial
    2. Consider a gadget/widget campaign
    3. Possible social networking/social media/blogger outreach

SEO and TV don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts. What, if anything, would you add to this list?


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