Microsoft and Facebook Enter Into Search Partnership

By Jeff Campbell, VP Product Development

Breaking News:
It was just announced today that Microsoft has extended the relationship with Facebook to bring its users Live Search-powered web search and search ads by the end of the calendar year.

Here are a few FAQ’s from Microsoft surrounding this new distribution deal:

• What is the consumer experience going to be like?
We don’t have any specifics to announce at this time but are actively working with Facebook to design the search experience that will provide the best experience for users and advertisers.

• What is the expected impact on Microsoft’s search share from this deal?
We expect to continue to see a lot of volatility in monthly share numbers. Our strategy is focused on three areas – delivering great results, simplifying key tasks and changing the game. We believe this deal fits well in all three dimensions of our strategy.

• Will Facebook continue to have it own search technology, or is Microsoft replacing it?
Facebook has its own search on its site today, and the extension of the U.S. relationship with Microsoft does not change that. The specifics of the future search integration are still being determined by Facebook.

• Are you going to expand the search deal internationally?
The current search relationship is for the United States only. Both companies are always looking at how to best evolve their relationship.


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