Hot or Not? News & Opinions from Last Week

By Jeff Campbell, VP Product Development

A few of the top stories and interesting articles from last week:

Eight Keyword Research Mistakes That Are Costing You Money helps you steer clear of some common pitfalls we've all seen.

Pretty sure last week "Yahoo!" was mentioned more than "Google" in the press for the first time ever. The purchase saga continues.

Seth Godin revisits What Every Good Marketer Knows. A few hit home for me: "Good marketers measure." "If you are marketing from a fairly static annual budget, you’re viewing marketing as an expense. Good marketers realize that it is an investment."

The Search Engine Journal's Mr. Ken Clark suggests a industry-wide standardized assessment to gauge the new Search Marketing talent pool that will emerge over the next few years. SEMPO, where you at?

Johnathan Mendez wraps up his six part Expert Guide To Multivariate Testing.

And before you jump back to Facebook, read eMarketer's stats on the expected growth of Social Network Ad Spend. A 55% Y/Y growth from 2007 to 2008...not too shabby.


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