Hey Sunshine… Here’s Another Weekly Recap!

By Brooke Nichols

It’s Friday afternoon and the sun is finally shining with warmer weather here in Chicago – so, forgive me, but my mind is on the weekend! That does not mean, however, that I’m not keeping up with the latest news. To help you stay up to date, here are some top titles from the industry press.

Does Google Regret 'Don't Be Evil' Motto?
The Sydney Morning Herald's Asher Moses says that Google VP Marissa Mayer tried to tiptoe away from the company's much-maligned "Don't be Evil" motto in an interview last week. "It really wasn't like an elected, ordained motto," said Mayer, who was Google's 20th employee. "I think that 'Don't Be Evil' is a very easy thing to point at when you see Google doing something that you personally don't like. It (the motto) is good PR but really it's empty because it's questionable whether shareholders will care (whether Google is evil or not)," she said.

NBCU Forms Unit to Create Brand-Centric Digital Content
The new NBC Universal Digital Studio aligns with Omnicom Media Group Digital as its first agency partner.

"It's really going to be a co-developed process," said OMG Digital CEO Matt Spiegel, explaining brand integration will go way beyond product placement. Rather than weaving a brand into a pre-determined storyline, "the idea here is to have brands in the storyline be the lead."

Learning to share (or give) analytics data
For many marketers, it is hard to remember what life was like before Google Analytics. So profoundly useful, few will recall that it was just two and a half years ago that the service arrived on the scene, providing free tracking to anyone who knew how to copy and paste code. Last year, a major update added multiple bells and whistles, including an easy-on-the-eyes interface and scheduled reporting. And most recently, Google Analytics launched a data sharing and benchmarking service.

Yahoo Takes on Google in the Analytics Game
Search engine marketers rely on Web analytics to tell them which key words are working -- and which ones are not. So when Yahoo launched a "Full Analytics" option within its new Panama search-marketing system, it turned a few heads.

Big Implications for Poor Google ResultsAs you probably know by now, Internet bellwether Google will deliver its earnings after today's close amid mounting anxiety that the search giant bombed the first quarter. As Bernstein Research analyst Jeffrey Lindsay says, "There's a lot riding on (these results)," as Google "is such a big part of the Internet that if it's doing well, it doesn't necessarily mean the other guys are doing well. But if Google's doing badly, it means everybody's doing badly." Indeed, such is the search giant's importance that a miss would likely weigh on the entire stock market, Bloomberg says.

Search in Pictures: Yahoo! Bomb, iGoogle Artcafe & Yahoo Exec Faceball
In this week's Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more.


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