Bryson Meunier at MobileMonday NY

By Brooke Nichols

As you know, Bryson Meunier is Resolution Media’s resident expert on all things mobile. As such, he’s been asked by Mobile Monday, an organization that promotes the mobile industry, to come to New York and moderate a panel discussion including panelists from several companies active in mobile analytics and social search. See below for details…

April 28th at MobileMonday NY: Social Search & Mobile Analytics
This month’s event, “Optimizing the Mobile Experience and Increasing Visibility with Social Search and Mobile Analytics” is sponsored by taptu.

Bryson Meunier, Resolution Media: To demonstrate how rapidly the mobile web and mobile search is developing these days, ten months ago David Harper said at the Mobile Monday NY dedicated to Mobile SEO:

“There is a real lack of analytics, as far as traffic or benchmarks. Many analytics tools don’t understand mobile traffic.”

Today, however, there are many analytics packages in place to optimize mobile campaigns, including Amethon, Bango, Mobilytics and Quattro Wireless. The fast-paced world of mobile search has also brought Taptu to the forefront in the last six months with their mobile social search engine, which many have called a serious competitor to Google in mobile search.

Other variations in mobile search and discovery are also emerging in the US, such as QR codes and mobile visual search. For webmasters, search engine marketers and advertisers still thinking of mobile optimization in terms of links, title tags and traditional web analytics, there is much to learn today about the opportunities available in the medium.

Fortunately, Mobile Monday NY is hosting a free event on April 28th to discuss the new opportunities available in mobile search and discovery since that Mobile SEO panel just ten months ago. How can marketers best leverage social search and mobile analytics to bring visibility to their brand today?

Representatives from several companies active in mobile analytics and social search, including Amethon, Bango, ESPN, Quattro Wireless, Mobilytics, Resolution Media, TigTags, and taptu, will be on hand to discuss. RSVP here

Bryson Meunier, Resolution Media

Dean Collins, Amethon
Joe Cuccinelli, Quattro Wireless
Dan Mason, ESPN Mobile Web
Adam Kerr, Bango
Greg Harris, Mobilytics
Stephen Ives, taptu
Stan Wiechers, TigTags

Your Hosts:
Lubna Dajani, Stratemerge
David Harper, Winksite

Monday, April 28 2008 at 7:00 PM (until 9:00 PM)

Samsung Experience
Time Warner Center - Shops at Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10022

FREE, please just RSVP here.

About Bryson Meunier
Bryson Meunier is the Product Champion for Natural Search at Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company. His position gives him the opportunity to drive SEO strategy for some of the world’s top brands, and to share some of his learnings at Special interests include linguistics, semantic search, and all types of content syndication strategies, including mobile SEO and video search optimization. He has previously reviewed the major mobile analytics vendors in his Mobile SEO’s Guide to Mobile Analytics.


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