18 Experts Share their Bowl Predictions

Interview with: Matt Spiegel, CEO
Appeared In iMedia Connection

Google trends clearly demonstrate the spike in traffic for marketers like Go Daddy in late January and early February for each of the past two years.

Our prediction for this year's game is that, as more marketers leverage drive-to-web strategies to extend the shelf life (and purchase value) of their spots, they will incorporate search marketing into the mix to surround consumers with their messaging and capitalize on all interest their Super Bowl ad generated. GoDaddy.com and SalesGenie.com are already purchasing keywords like "Super Bowl" and "Super Bowl Ads" to harness the hype leading up to the big game.

Regrettably, though, there will still be some marketers that miss the boat from a search perspective. With so many blockbuster commercials running during the game, it can be hard for viewers to remember various advertiser websites and calls-to-action. Typically, viewers will remember one or two key things about each ad and use those nuggets to either get more information about the brand or jog coworkers' memories around the water cooler the next day. Last year, it was things like "caveman" from FedEx and "Brown and Bubbly" from Pepsi.

The key for marketers is to have coverage on core keywords beyond brand name and other trademarks to include the themes, characters and taglines from each spot. One notable example from last year of an advertiser that failed to do this was Ford, who debuted a commercial featuring Kermit the Frog but neglected to purchase the keyword "Kermit." Instead, GM bought that keyword and reaped the rewards of the spike in traffic during and following the game for that term.


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