Resolution Media Teams Up with United Way

By Kiley Peters, Manager, Marketing Business Development

Last month, Resolution Media (RM) teamed up with United Way and headed down to the Rauner Family YMCA , on the South Side of Chicago, to help with an end of summer barbeque. About 20 RM employees filed onto a school bus (which most of us hadn’t been on since sometime near the turn of the century) and prepared to entertain as well as supervise roughly 100
elementary age children.

The Rauner Family YMCA is a beautiful facility and we were warmly greeted by both YMCA and
United Way staff. After guidance on what they needed us to help with, we all went to work. Dave Tan, (VP of Innovation and Product Development) and Nate Janitz, (Natural Search Supervisor, Content Solutions) joined forces and manned the grill. Additional RM employees helped set up an outdoor water slide for the children while others played inside until it was lunch time.

Slowly, but surely, groups of children spilled out of the YMCA doors into the sunshine. Some rushed over to the water slide while others found the grill and decided it was time to eat.
The children quickly became attached to their favorite RM employee and enjoyed the afternoon with their new found friends. As lunch was cleaned up, the grill shut down, melted ice cream cones thrown away and last turns down the waterslide taken, we all said our goodbyes, thanked the YMCA and United Way staff members and filed back onto our trusty school bus.
For as much respect as we had for the staff members of the YMCA and United Way prior to this trip, it tripled after this afternoon. We all forgot how exhausting it can be to keep up with so many children!
Thanks again to the YMCA and United Way, as well as to all of the RM employees who took time out of their day to help out!


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