Resolution Media At The House of Blues

By Anne Unterfenger, Marketing & Business Development Intern
and Kiley Peters, Manager, Marketing & Business Development

RM hosted its first digital marketing event at the end of July.  Surrounded by the beautiful ambiance of The Foundation Room at the House of Blues, we sipped cocktails and dined on fancy appetizers with the other 40 guests in attendance.  Guests ranged from RM partners, such as Google and Yahoo, to a well-known sporting goods brand, household product names and major health care system representatives.

Matt Spiegel (CEO, Omnicom Media Group Digital), David Gould (President, Resolution Media) and Dave Tan (VP, Innovation and Product Development) spoke about the importance of viewing digital as a platform rather than a channel.  After a top level overview of the digital platform and the various ways it can be used to know, engage and retain consumers, the night wrapped up with an iPad giveaway. 

As the number of guests started to dwindle down, more socializing and networking topped off the night. The night was a success with many new introductions made, additional conversations to be had and another event to plan.  Thank you to all of those involved and hopefully we can pull off another success sooner than later!

(Photos Courtesy of Brandon Harper)


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