Social Media Tips and Tricks

By Gillian Kriezelman, Search Strategist, Advertising Solutions

Social media is great way to directly connect with your target and to inspire conversation around your brand and create a digital brand community, as well as address any concerns that may arise.

Social Media is only effective if it reaches your target consumer in a meaningful way. Therefore, when planning your social media strategy, determine what you want social media to accomplish for your brand and how you can enable social media to achieve these goals.

The following tactics are great social media tricks to get your brand up and running in no time.

1. Buzz Index: If you are interested in getting more eyeballs on your brand, consider updating your brand’s status, creating events or doing any activity that will alert people in the form of a RSS or news feed.

2. Crisis Management: Create a group that empowers consumers to discuss your brand’s qualms with the brand openly as well as to converse among other consumers. Continuously raise questions to inspire conversation and thought. This information is golden. Use your consumers’ conversations to help strengthen your brand. This is exactly what Toyota is doing right now in reaction to their recall and has gotten rave reviews.

3. Engagement: Create games, applications, quizzes, etc, within your social media page. This will ensure your consumer becomes more engaged with your brand. In turn, this will create a community around people maintaining shared experiences, which will deepen your consumers’ relationship with your brand. These types of applications, if effective, will become part of your consumers’ daily routine creating brand advocates.

When creating your social media plan do so with foresight so you can effectively utilize any social media tactic with ease. Social media is a not a media that you can just implement and leave. You must continue to monitor and foster it to garner the best results. Happy Tweeting.


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