The Jetson Like Era of TV is Approaching Fast

By Gillian Kriezelman, Search Strategist, Advertising Solutions

As our digital lives are converging into one easily accessible unit, when will TV join the trend?
TV viewership has been declining as consumers are moving towards digital video to consume their daily fix of entertainment. Total viewership on the top four most popular stations between 2009-2010 has decreased by about 42 %. Conversely, other digital video technologies are growing; by 2014, it is forecasted there will be a Digital Video Recording unit in nearly two-thirds of households.

Consumers are growing accustomed to products on demand tailored to their individualized needs. These consumers are multi-taskers and are yearning for ease of use. However, the current TV structure has not adhered to this shift in digital consumerism. It is just a matter of time until your TV remote control will get you to your Facebook profile with just a touch of a button, allowing you to see what your friends are watching so you can watch your favorite shows together through the comfort of your own individual homes.

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Future TV Remote

"Whether it be a monitor for video games, DVD players or even a laptop computer. ... The TV is functioning essentially as a giant window into the internet cloud," Phil Leigh, Inside Digital Media.

The question remains, who will take over this vast space with technology that can converge all these digital mediums into one unit? This company will be able to sell, not simply TV ads by TV viewership, but sell to a niche group of viewers who are interested in your specific product. Oprah Winfrey’s choice to create her own TV network is an example of how cable networks are changing to fit this trend. Advertisers will thus buy commercial space by specific niche viewership rather than by network buys.

In just a few years, you will be sitting on your couch watching TV and you see a product that you want to buy or learn more about--- you will be able to buy it from your TV (and not have to search for it on your computer). These consumption habits will be recorded to ensure that your future product engagements will be even more relevant based on your likes and dislikes.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the changes are fast approaching from the convenience of your living room!


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