SERF RETURNS: Experience The “Real” Live Search

By Ryan Saviano, Paid Search Coordinator, Advertising Solutions

For today's SERF: Imagine the thrill of seeing your search results even before you finished typing your query. Impossible you say? Well then take this little gem for a spin.

Affectionately dubbed “The Real Live Search” by its creator, Long Zheng, this search engine utilizes the openness of the Bing’s APIs to display results in a real-time manner. In what was inspired by the “real timey-ness” of Google Wave, search results will update and change immediately following each character you type in any given query. The prototype engine displays results for natural listings, images, videos, along with related searches.

Now, this is nothing that will replace your current search engine. If nothing else, this little experiment with search is incredibly cool to play with. While searching for “resolution media”, I was surprised that our own Grant Parker shows up in the video results section. I suggest at the very least you give it a try. It’s actually quite refreshing from the normal, sometimes mundane, search experience.

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The Real Live Search Resolution Media Results


David Miller said...

This certainly feels refreshing from the usually drab searches. I did quite a number of searches and the results are pretty relevant. The idea as you mentioned seems to have spawned from Google Wave, which still is under development. Thanks for sharing this.

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