“Save A Dollar” to Grow Your Business

By Lauren Mittleman, Account Strategist

I’m a bargain shopper and I’m not afraid to admit it! And as this recession carries on, more and more people are coming to my side of shopping, looking for the deals, and doing everything they can to save a buck. While I’ve always been one to look online for coupons at my favorite stores, or be first in line for sidewalk sales, it isn’t until recently that my desire to save money has switched from my wardrobe to my everyday purchases. Like many struggling in this “new world” of ours, I’m now starting to look at price tags in the grocery store, comparing peanut-butter prices to determine what’s the best price for my taste buds.

While my bargain shopping has now transcended into the grocery store, its never actually crossed my mind to go online for coupons to bring with me food shopping… until now!

One of our new CPG accounts focuses on increasing brand awareness, while driving offline sales at the same time. Slowly but surely, we were succeeding with the awareness push, but sales continued to stay steady….that was until Search and Display worked together to promote a coupon.

ComScore recently released a study proving that consumers are turning online, and to search, for deals and saving tips. The search volume for the term “coupons” increased over 160% from Dec. 07 to Dec 08, with the volume surpassing 19 Million within one month. These results proved even more why it was important for our client to get into the coupon-game.

With our coupon related banner in 100% rotation, search did its part by utilizing a coupon-related “save now” message within all branded ads, along with launching a coupon-related campaign to attract those searchers actively looking to save a buck.

The results were phenomenal! Within two weeks of the message change, Brand-related clicks increased by 71%, bringing in the most amount of traffic for the Brand since its search campaign launched.

And most importantly, after two weeks of running the coupon campaign, overall impressions surged by 2491% and clicks skyrocketed by 621%. While these results are amazing for anyone, for this specific new brand and product, the introduction of a coupon during this recession has guaranteed them new clients for a very long time!


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