Interview with Gavin Mooney: Search Marketing Professional

By Jeff Campbell, VP, Search Account Director

I’ve done it before, and I’m doing it again. As a refreshing break from the usual world of search news, I am offering up an interview with one of very own in-house experts, Gavin Mooney, Paid Search Specialist, Advertising Solutions. Enjoy!

Q: While dominating the world of search marketing, what is an unexpected skill that you have picked up that will help you in future careers?

A: Understanding Your Audience: Whether it’s writing creative or building a presentation, having a clear understanding of who your audience is and what influences their decisions will lead to more positive results and get you what you want.

Q: What 3 raw skills are necessary to be successful in Search Engine Marketing?

A: Analytical skills, people skills, pivot table skills

Q: Do you think Google will continue to grow its market share at the expense of MSN & Yahoo!? Any advice for the non-Googles of the world that may help them grow?

A: Yes but not at the pace it has been moving the last few years. Google’s simplicity and accurate search results have made it the superior destination to find what you are looking for on the World Wide Web. However, other engines have made strides to provide exclusive offerings to online surfers. Yahoo! has rolled out Rich Ads in Search bringing rich media into a search ad on MSN has their Cash Back program where users are rewarded cash rebates for buying products advertised on Live Search. My advice to the non-Googles of the world would be to bring something new to the search table. You will never beat Google at simplifying search so dare to change the game.

Q: What is one positive & one negative about each paid search engine(Y!, Google, MSN)?



  • Positive: They have a functional and usable desktop application allowing you to largely bypass the interface
  • Negative: Search partner network data is not broken out by source and Google does not allow domain exclusion


  • Positive: Allows domain blocking for up to 500 domains
  • Negative: Typically has much lower CTRs across all categories


  • Positive: Microsoft Ad Intelligence
  • Negative: Daily budgeting is not reliable


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