Let’s Talk Integration

Stacie Susens, Associate Director, Client Services

For as long as I can remember, there has always been talk about integration. But what does “integration” really mean?

From an agency perspective, clients look for integrated solutions. This may mean one central strategy lead that integrates multiple media channels to reach the desired results. But, we, as search engine marketers, also see that the client’s internal teams need to integrate to achieve overarching business objectives. For instance, marketing and IT departments and even divisions within the marketing group (media versus creative) must work together to get things done.

The examples above illustrate that integration is needed on multiple levels/sides in order to maximize results. Those of us who are involved in the integration between agencies or internal teams, we can attest to the fact that there are multiple variables at play including companies, people, technologies, data sources, etc. Moreover, there is no cookie cutter or black and white approach to integration, since each client and client needs are unique.

In my role at Resolution Media, I oversee teams that integrate across sister agencies. My role requires me to analyze how to improve our current approaches and structures to more efficiently and effectively work together to not only achieve, but surpass our client’s expectations. In light of the many variables, systems and processes at play on a day-to-day basis, proactively creating an environment conducive to integration can save valuable time in the long run. However, it is refreshing to know that many times, perhaps most times, it is a simple action that makes all of our lives easier – talking.

Simply waking over to the next office or cubicle, picking up the phone, and sometimes just cc’ing the right individuals can bridge substantial gaps and integrate teams on common challenges. Most of the issues I encounter on a weekly basis stem from a breakdown in communication between the key individuals/contacts working in furtherance of the client’s objectives. Proactively addressing the situation and discussing the relevant matters sooner rather than later, can lead to decreased fires and stress and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.

Next time you’re faced with a similar situation, try not to over think it, and just start talking.


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