This Week in Search

By Betsy Carpenter, Coordinator, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Once again, things have changed since we last reviewed the internet/search space - crazy how that happens. For all those who are curious, or might have missed something, or just like to review their favorite moments over the last few days, here it is! This Week in Search...

  • Google will extend it's "power search" capabilities to the world of mobile - embedded Google bars for all!
  • The web's all a-twitter - new PEW Internet stats suggest that 20% of 25 to 34 year olds online have used Twitter - and the report continues!
  • Reports say that new comScore information will show Google Maps has surpassed MapQuest as the top mapping site in the US - that's what making people take 3 lefts will get ya!
  • New Facebook terms state that the social media giant now owns your profile information beyond account termination - make sure to lock up your privacy settings - it's your only saving grace!
  • Only 39 days after announcing 150 Million active users, Facebook has reached 175 Million (as of Feb. 13th) a rate of 600,000 new active users per day - it won't be long before new figures are born.
  • Yahoo! Mobile was introduced as "your starting point to the internet." Read more on this new product and it's services to "discover, stay connected, and stay informed" with their recent press release.
  • Watch out Yahoo! - Beverly Stayart is not happy. After searching for her name through the well-known search engine, Bev is sueing for adult content sites that were serving up ads using her name - anyone else named Bev Stayart please raise your hand!
  • Reportedly, Yahoo! analytics is far superior to Google analytics, but only in an area unavailable to the public - what's the hold up?
  • My mobile behavior and I are not for sale - well except for in the UK. UK mobile network operators say the information will help advertisers run mobile campaigns more effectively.

...and the world turns on and on.

Update: In response to consumer outrage, Facebook has since reverted back to its previous terms & conditions. They are currently working to "resolve the issues that people have raised"; in fact, they have even set up a Facebook Group for users to provide feedback.


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