Introducing... vidiSEO

By Matt Ballek, Natural Search Supervisor, Content Solutions

In case you haven't noticed, video had gone viral and we're all infected.

  • Fact: YouTube is the #2 search engine on the web

  • Fact: the number of video streams have increased by 70% in the past year

  • Sorta-Fact: people watch a bazillion hours of video a day.
I bet you have a video playing in another tab right now! Am I right ?

If you look at the popularity of video searches, you'll see that they dwarf searches for Barack Obama, bacon, and even the Jonas Brothers. Impossible ? See for yourself :

Click to view larger image.
Popularity of Online Video
With online video steadly on the rise, more and more videos will be competiting for viewers' attention. With this in mind, I've decided to combine my video production and SEO knowledge to create, a blog focusing on video optimization tips and tricks. My goal is to add value to the video SEO community through (fun-tastic) video tutorials. The first tutorial covers the basics of video optimization for video sharing websites. Watch it and start optimizing your video content today !

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