The Future of Video Advertising?

By Matt Ballek, Natural Search Supervisor, Content Solutions

Ad startup Zunavision recently made it through their first round of funding and released a commercial product that allows ads to be inserted onto the surface of objects in a video. Watch the video below to see their technology in action:

So far the reaction has been a mix of excitement and terror over how this technology could be used. I immediately imagined my favorite videos covered with advertisements like so many bumper stickers on a used car.
Too Many Stickers

Sure, this technology could be used for evil, but imagine the positive aspects if done well.

This technology could allow content producers to sell ad space in their videos the same way they sell ad space on their websites. Campaigns could be added, removed, and replaced quickly and easily since they exist as a layer and not as part of the video itself. It is even possible for different ads to be served based on who is watching the video. I can already see the background ad placements in viral videos!

chocolate rain

What I find interesting is that these background-insertion ads are being billed as non-intrusive. At first I didn't quite agree since they are literally being stitched into the video content; However, Compared to pre-roll ads and banners that cover the bottom third of the video, they seem far more natural. As a query marketer, I'm torn! Are background-insertion ads an innovative new way to monitize videos, or a sign of the apocalypse?


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