Professor X has Cerebro and We Have Twitter

By Dan Kuthy, Supervisor, Search Engine Optimization

Professor X, the humble leader of the mutant superheroes known as the X-men used a room-sized mechanical device called Cerebro to tap into the minds of humans and mutants across the globe, enhancing his telepathy and allowing him to easily draw information from and influence the minds of the whole world.

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Professor Cerebro

Professor X rarely discussed the marketing capabilities of Cerebro due to conflicting priorities and an immediate need to prevent the government from eradicating the mutant population and curbing Magneto’s plans to rally a genetically superior coup-d’├ętat.

If he would have been here at Resolution Media, it would have been quickly apparent to Professor X that Cerebro was a powerful tool for mining consumer insights, monitoring the digital conversation and understanding how the social space impacts his clients’ brands.

Unfortunately, we don’t have Cerebro, but we do have Twitter. Some creative Web developers are taking advantage of the Twitter API to monitor the global conversation, real-time. Check out twistori to get a sense of the opportunity. The twistori author is monitoring instances of emotion-driven keywords like love, hate, wish and believe, but there is no doubt an opportunity for real-time connection to the conversations around our clients’ brands and clients.

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Twitter Bird

As marketing shifts from push to pull and from one-way to two-way, listening is becoming as important as talking. So strap on your metal helmets and get ready to do some listening in 2009.


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