Stay Thirsty My Friends

By David Gould, President

As search marketers, we thirst for the day when search will be universally seen as a full fledged member of the marketing mix and not just another discreet direct marketing tool … the day when search is seamlessly integrated into the marketing strategy and considered as a vehicle for branding and awareness as well as direct response.

We’ve made progress over the past few years and the doors are continuing to open. Recently, Google adjusted its Adwords policy to allow search ads for beer. Not too many folks buy beer online, leading you to believe that the value here for brewers is in branding and awareness.

Of course, most would have argued that Google’s policy change has nothing to do with promoting the value of search beyond DR, but is really connected to increased revenue opportunity. Regardless, the opportunity now exists for brewers to reach us via a Google search and some already are.

Dos Equis introduced us to the Most Interesting Man in the World( ). I recently drove across the Damen Avenue bridge in Chicago and looked up to see the Most Interesting Man in the World staring back down at me from an overbearing billboard. Much like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s omnipresent Eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleberg keeping tabs on the likes of the Great Gatsby and Daisy as they traversed the ash heaps of Long Island, I got the feeling this Man knew something about me.

I’ve had the Most Interesting Man in the World talk to me on the TV, on radio, from billboards and on YouTube. All channels geared toward branding and awareness. But most recently, I conducted a quick search for “interesting man”, guess who popped up … my main man, The Most Interesting Man in the World.

I can go to his website and sign up to become his assistant. I can see where he’s been, what he’s done and why he’s so cool. I really want to be like this guy … and as you may know, he doesn’t often drink beer, but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis … sold.


Bryson said...

Mr. Gould, now we know where you get your charisma. Honestly, though, I think all of us here at RM are lucky to have a president who quotes the Great Gatsby and writes about Dos Equis. At the risk of brownnosing (excessively) I have to say I think you and the most interesting man in the world should have a contest to see who can rip the most phone books in half with his bare hands. Nice work.

All due respect to Dos Equis marketers as well. However, as an SEO and part of the majority search engine audience who prefers natural listings I have to point out (as I did with McD's great Michelle Obama J Crew post), that the all-flash site with little non-branded content is all but invisible to search engines and completely invisible for the query "beer". Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't think "ignoring 70% of search engine users" is something that the most interesting man in the world would be proud to add to his extensive list of accomplishments. Surely someone whose beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body can optimize a simple web site for natural search?

On the other hand, I suppose I should be glad he can't, lest all of us be out of a job. Stay thirsty, my friends.

dgould said...

A very astute observation my friend. No doubt a slap in the face to any self-respecting SEO czar. My only defense is to point out that the site does rank highly for "interesting man", "most interesting man" and "Dos Equis". All searches I might try having been engaged by the character somewhere offline. To the extent they are trying to get me engaged with the Man, which in turn, will lead me to the beer, they have suceeded.

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