Every Dog Has It’s Day: SERF The Classic Canine…Lycos!

Ryan Savaiano, Paid Search Coordinator, Advertising Solutions

For this week’s SERF, let’s take a walk down memory lane and get reacquainted with our dear old pal…Lycos.com. We all know Lycos as one of the original search engines getting started all the way back in 1995. Today, Lycos has evolved to include, not only search, but tools for social networking, blogging, web publishing, video viewing and sharing, online games and even e-mail. I’m sure you’ve all been loyal to the Labrador at one point, probably even using it to research a paper in college…or in my case, the 8th grade. So today, I say we pay homage to a forefather of search and play fetch with this still reliable retriever. Come on Lycos…go get it!


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