Display Boosts Search Performance?

By Jeff Campbell, VP Product Development

Yes, but only if you APPEAR in Natural & Paid Search results.

Eariler this week, eMarketer finally provided data to what marketers have known in their gut all along: Display boosts Search Performance.

"Search clickers exposed to display advertising were 22% more likely to produce a sale than those who were not exposed."

While these stats may lead to increased Display budgets, I ask you to consider the second nugget of goodness this study/article provides, the U.S. averages & projections of digital budget breakouts:

If online revenue/leads is your focus (sorry to leave you out Offliners & Branders), should you be spending a dime on Display if you don't have 100% market coverage in Paid & Natural Search? Is the digital/online advertising 'pie' sliced appropriately to allow Search a dominant share of voice when the Display ad (or TV/Radio/Print) eventually leads to the search query?

Granted, I'm being dramatic & biased, but hopefully you get an important message which was not addressed in the article: Why put budgets toward generating online 'buzz' or awareness if you don't appear in Natural or Paid Search listings to eventually capture that consumer for the online engagement?

Last I checked, there were 10 billion searches/month in the U.S. alone - with the average searcher performing 74 searches per month (comScore, Nov '07 stats). Whether you are focused on capturing people who are already asking for your products or services via Search or are out there trying to drum up more interest and awareness, it's important to understand this relationship.


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