SERF the Mahalo Wave

By David Lamers, Paid Search Coordinator, Advertising Solutions

This week’s SERF will be, a search engine with results filtered by users rather than algorithms. The SERP compiles recent news, fast facts & info, and even video results into one user-friendly page:

Click to view larger image.
Mahalo Search Engine

Recently launched in 2007, the site is still in its infancy and the number of user submitted pages is fairly limited at this point. However, the site provides tabs for all other major search engines if it doesn’t have a user-submitted SERP built out for your search query, which makes comparing search results between multiple engines simple and efficient. Enjoy!


dgouldo said...

No doubt there is a lack of user generated pages for some very specific searches, but just the ability to other compare engine results makes this site worthwhile. If you're searching for general information such as "Key West Hotels", the results are quite compelling and easy to use. I'll definitely be spending some more time here.

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