Michelle Obama- So Hot Right Now

By Kris McDermott, Account Strategist

Kudos to J. Crew for proving that they’re quick thinking and internet savvy. Less than a week after Michelle Obama was on the Tonight Show (where she told Jay Leno her whole outfit had been purchased online at J. Crew’s website), the clothing giant was capitalizing on the interest and traffic. Have you looked for any Michelle Obama news lately?

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Michelle Obama Google Results

Being at the top of 46 million results isn’t too shabby a marketing tactic. The landing page is even better—they’ve built out a clean, polished e-commerce page which features the exact outfit worn by Obama with a clever catch phrase to boot:

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JCREW Michelle Obama Line

I love it.


Bryson said...

Hey Kris. Great point, and credit to J. Crew where credit is due.

Unfortunately I'm one of those roughly 70% of internet users who was busy looking at the news results and the organic results below them and didn't notice the J. Crew ad. And because their Michelle Obama page doesn't communicate its relevance to search engine ranking algorithms (branded title, graphic text, etc), it's invisible to users like me for even the branded variants of the michelle obama query. So close, and yet so far.

Perhaps J. Crew will consider how their images, press releases and web pages are relevant to the query in the future in order to communicate with those of us who pay attention to other parts of the search results page.

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