Lance’s Ten ‘Original’ Business Phrases to Live By

By Lance Neuhauser, Executive Vice-President, Strategy

A few months back my friend and colleague, Mr. Charles Jefferson Campbell III (a.k.a. Jeff Campbell), put out a piece entitled Notable Quotables. The purpose was to remember the quotes/phrases that helped shape Resolution Media, helped materialize our thoughts, and helped us build a mental framework by which we hold our actions accountable.

Jeff’s post has the highest response tally of any Find Resolution post to date. In the spirit of true one-upsmanship, over the course of the next few months I will be putting forth Lance’s Ten ‘Original’ Business Phrases to Live By. At the end of the series, my hope is that the comments my posts solicit will top Mr. Campbell’s.

Regardless of who reigns victorious, I hope the real winner will be you, the reader as my quotes will be the divulgence of phrases that, when properly lived by will change mental constructs, raise levels of business and social consciousness, and ultimately save you time, money and sanity.

Stay tuned. Next week I will be kicking off the ten quotes with one of my all-time favorites…

“I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.”


CJeffCampbell said...

Overwhelming response so far. Try paying for traffic:

dgould said...

Yes, but how often are you actually right?

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