This Week in Search

By Betsy Carpenter, Coordinator, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

GET READY cuz here is comes…your weekly search news! What has happened this past week? What have you missed? Wonder no longer…just keep reading.

  • Google Analytics has rolled out new free features - better integration with Adwords, custom reporting & layouts, advanced segmentation and more! Interested? You have a lot of reading to do. The web is a buzz about it…from RM’s own Jeff Campbell’s article, several articles were written…you Go Google!
  • Yahoo on the other hand took a big hit with a 64% decrease in net income last quarter, 1,400 employees will be layed off. More changes are in the works according to Jerry Yang.
  • Have you voted yet? Do you know where to go? Google has once again solved your problem with their new US Voter Info Site.
  • Google’s Chief Executive, Eric Schmidt is backing Barack Obama for president! Mr. Schmidt will be joining other execs from technology companies to announce their support for Senator Obama.
  • On Yahoo! advertisers can now geo-target on a zip code level. Don’t forget about the 60610 when you’re targeting search marketers!
  • Does the iPhone have competition? The new T-mobile G1 was launched yesterday and has reportedly already presold as many as 1.5 million G1 phones.

That’s all for now and I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for next week!


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