Alta Vista's Goin' SERF'n!

By Tomas Muriel, Paid Search Specialist, Advertising Solutions

Hey folks! This week’s engine rotation is going to take you back…way back. A true pioneer of search, Alta Vista delivered the internet's first Web index in 1995. So let’s all pay homage to the granddaddy (or mammy) of modern search and visit Alta Vista for your querying needs.


MatthewMarshall said...

Thanks for the post Tomas! It really brought me back using Altavista. It was my primary search engine from search number one until 1999. And how could I not with a whopping 130 GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard disk space for indexing the "web" hooking me up query style.

During my reunion with this old friend I find that its search results are still relevant and the ads are oddly familiar.

There is something ironic about a search engine that saw its demise mainly from loosing focus on its core business of search by diversifying into a portal being purchased by Yahoo...

While Altavista has all but been neutered into a Yahoo PPC extension, the color scheme sure brings it back.

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