SERF the Yahooo!

By Casey Warren, Account Supervisor

Yahooooo! It's SERF. Don't be the only one not using Yahoo! today. New, expanded search results, video features and quick links? We dare you to stop searching. Just like the back cover of Highlights Magazine. Can you circle the differences between Yahoo! results and others?


Betsy Carpenter said...

So I did it. Although it wasn't the first time...I SERFed Yahoo! and I liked it. In the past year I've taken full advantage of many of Yahoo's offerings, such as hot jobs, real estate, and yes I'll admit it...I've occasionally glimpsed at the OMG section! Being a new college grad, full of debt and knowlege (yes I intentionally spelled knowledge wrong - it's funny...get it?) – Yahoo! seemed to have everything I was looking for. When I used Yahoo! most recently, mainly for this blog post, I found a couple more key features I can store in the "pluses" column.

Personally: When I begin to type my query, Yahoo! provides words and phrases I might be looking for below. Not only that, but if I'm feeling a little adventurous, it provides "Explore Concepts." "Betsy Carpenter" provides me "Betsy Carpenter teacher", "Betsy Carpenter Playwriting award", "Betsy Carpenter Theatre Artist"...who knew I led such an accomplished life. Further...who knew for only $9.95 you could get my phone number, address and more thanks to the sponsored listing for "Public Records Now"...btw...if you really want it I'll give it to you for $8...$5 if you're not a creeper!

As an Advertiser: This feature is beneficial in many ways. Someone typing in “chocolate” for example could see your brand’s name attached to chocolate before they even examine other options. Also, from a keyword research perspective, the “Explore Concepts” can help us think of how others might be searching our clients’ terms. Instead of just thinking “chocolate chips” and “nestles” we start to see “chocolate recipes” and “chocolate chip cookies.”

Personally: I love Yahoo! Answers. This is something that came in handy for my search just the other day. I was having trouble installing a program on my computer, and didn't want to have to search through the endless help directory...what do I do? Type in the error code and product and Yahoo answers provides a million (well usually only 5-6) people's solution to the same problem! Perfect - thank you Yahoo! lgspe99!

As an Advertiser: This is a great way to see what people really think of your/your client’s brand and not only speak to those questions as a Yahoo! user, but optimize accordingly. There are a lot of people on here who have problems relating to their interaction with different web sites and features – a great place to look when trying to decide where/how to optimize and to gather important customer feedback!

Those are just a couple...but I think it's at least enough to spark some interest. Thanks you Casey...and thank you Yahoo!

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