(Re)defining the Mobile Space

By Betsy Carpenter, Coordinator, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

For those of you that don’t know, Bryson Meunier, RM SEO Supervisor, blogs on all things natural search and mobile at BrysonMeunier.com.

In his latest post, When “Local Mobile” is Just Mobile Search, Bryson expresses his contempt for a buzz word marketers are using to refer to the entire mobile search world; “local mobile.” This phrase does not encompass the whole world of mobile, actually not even a large majority.

Bryson references a study performed by Yahoo!, Deciphering Mobile Search Patterns: A Study of Yahoo! Mobile Search Queries. Yahoo! estimated that only 9-10% of all mobile queries actually have local intention. Compare this mere 10% to the 55% the Entertainment category currently holds in mobile searches. From these findings, one might say it would make sense then to refer to mobile search as simply “entertainment mobile search.” Clearly, this doesn’t capture the entire mobile opportunity.

Bryson concludes that when we are referring to the local aspects of mobile search we should use the term “local mobile”, but when we’re talking about the other 91% of mobile search we should call it what it is (e.g. entertainment.)


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