The Weekly Search Round-up

by Jeff Campbell, VP Product Development

In case you missed it, the biggest news last week was the announcement that Yahoo will serve Google AdWords and AdSense ads in the Yahoo SERPs and through their publisher network. Although this won't happen until Fall, it could be a major game changer.

SEO Roundtable sums up why to use Google Sitemaps, and why well designed sites shouldn't need them.

An interesting (and opinionated) editorial that argues small businesses should NOT be so quick to use the many Google products designed for them. Right or wrong, some interesting points are brought to the surface.

On a lighter note, a St. Paul, MN, suburb sends a nastygram to Google with desires to join Dick Cheney's Wyoming ranch on the exclusion list for Google Maps/Streetview. No lutefisk or tatertot hotdish for Larry or Sergey at the neighborhood potluck this year.


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