Take a Break from Facebook & Read the News

By Jeff Campbell, VP Product Development

  1. 20 Local Search Marketing experts attempt to identify the ranking factors for local search algorithms, as well as techniques to be avoided. Excellent study and a must read if you have multiple brick & mortar locations.
  2. Interesting demographic study from RapLeaf on social networking sites. They “theorize that once Myspace users graduate from high school, they switch over to using Facebook.” Overall MySpace has the most people. A few more findings:
    • Women are more likely to be on Myspace and Facebook. Especially the younger crowd, age 14-24 (the 14-24 year old demographic represents 65.5% and 66.25% of total users respectively).
    • Men are more likely to be on LinkedIn and Flickr, especially men aged 25-34 years old (the 25-34 year old demographic represents 51.0% and 38.1% of total users respectively).
  3. Google's Vint Cerf feels high oil & gas prices could boost internet use. Makes sense to me... one may even argue that search engine ads would drive more revenue as a result. One might also argue that e-tailers should see revenue increases as well (if only there was a way for Google to get a piece of that rev). In completely unrelated news, toilet paper has been replaced by $100 bills in Google offices around the country. ;)
Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Interesting articles.

I can vouch the lower Facebook usage by males firsthand. Many of my college friends have deactivated their Facebooks accounts since school ended.

I'd argue the transactional vs social differences between the two genders is right on the money.

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