Rounding Up This Week's News

by Jeff Campbell, VP Product Development

  1. Google's Matt Cutts unveils the secret recipe to top rankings in USA Today. OK, no big surprises - but good reinforcement to what we've been preaching on
  2. Recession what? The IAB announces internet ad revenue up over 18% year over year in Q1, 2008. Behind the $5.9 billion holiday season of Q4 2007, this is the second highest spending quarter ever at $5.8 billion.
  3. As Mr. Goldman predicted, fear of increased pricing and privacy concerns is causing resistance for the Yahoo-Google deal and has sparked the governments watchful eye.
  4. By 2012, 1.8 billion people will be using the internet, according to JupiterResearch. That will be a 44% increase from 2007. China, India, Russia and Brazil will see the highest growth rates. China will overtake the U.S. in internet use by 2011.
  5. ICANN, the father figure of internet regulation, has relaxed the domain name naming conventions which should spark another domain name landgrab. Dibbs on "bestblog.ever"
Enjoy the weekend!


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