Tomorrow’s Strategies from Today’s News

By Brooke Nichols

Of course it’s beneficial to keep up with the latest news and trends within your particular industry. However, what you do with that news is even more important than what you know.

Take for instance the topic of search marketing analytics; you realize its potential impact to your marketing initiatives, but are you using your data-driven insights to improve your online marketing efforts? Are you applying those learnings to your offline marketing efforts? Are you using it in innovative and strategic ways that drive value beyond those typically employed by most marketers? If not, I hope you get the most from this week’s search news!

Google To Sell Performics, Eyes Expedia And Skype
Putting questions about possible conflicts of interest to rest, Google announced Wednesday it will sell search marketing and optimization firm Performics, which it acquired as part of DoubleClick. Meanwhile, travel giant Expedia's shares were up in late afternoon trading amidst rumors that Google was eyeing the company for acquisition. And buzz persists about the search giant's intentions to gobble up eBay's beleaguered Internet chat division, Skype.

Do People Care About Your 'Green' Message? Yes
Nielsen Report Shows Perils of Exaggerating Ecological Good Deeds – As if you didn't know this already, a new report from Nielsen Online proves it: When it comes to going green, companies just can't fake it. When it comes to conversations about "greenwashing," the most popular blog topic is the contradictory actions of companies, comprising 25% of all discussions on greenwashing in 2007.

Integrated Paid Search Makes Dollars and Sense
In uncertain financial times, marketers return to the basics -- accountability, flexibility and cost efficiency. These, more than any other online marketing strategies, typify paid search marketing. They also explain the remarkable growth of paid search (pay-per-click, display and other contextual ads). To make the most of this growing marketplace, marketers need to integrate paid search campaigns to generate greater effectiveness and ROI.

Retailers digging deeper with search marketing analytics, expert says
With new sets of analytics tools designed for search marketing campaigns, online retailers are beginning to dig more deeply into the clickstreams between search ads and purchases and finding new ways to improve conversion rates, says Christopher Knoch, principal consultant for Omniture Consulting, the professional services arm of web analytics provider Omniture Inc. “After a search campaign hands a visitor off to a retail site, there’s a lot of information about what the visitor does that most marketers don’t have,” he says.

Yahoo Adds Voice Technology To oneSearch
Frustrated with constantly having to type away on your mobile keypad? Voice search could be the answer. Not only does it give your hands a rest, but it's also faster: Imagine how nice it would be to press a single button and simply tell your phone what you're looking for.

Posted by: Brooke Nichols, Marketing Manager


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