Resolution Media’s Star Bowling Team

By Brooke Nichols

Last week at the 2nd Annual Yahoo Agency Battle of the Bowlers, Team Resolution Media brought their A-game to the lanes for an evening of search and strikes!

The team of Brian Yamada, Matt Ballek, Grant Parker, John Malysiak, Todd Silverstein and Steven Bauer went into the evening’s competition with the goal of representing Resolution Media’s fine crew of search experts and sports aficionados.

Relive the magic of the bowl-off and check out the big (computer) screen version from RM's Matt Marshall and Matt Ballek:

Our team was a fierce competitor and wildly successful, yet Mindshare Interactive came out the evening’s winner, beating RM by about 30 pins. But a good time was had by all, and RM did score Best Uniform (2nd year in a row!).

Thank you to all the fellow RM folks that came to lend support to the RM Team. And thanks to Yahoo! for another awesome event.


Bryson said...

Wow. Next year, look out Mindshare, and look out Academy. Nice work, guys!

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