Better Data = Better Leadership

By Buck Dossey, Account Supervisor

A search marketing expert’s responsibility is to continually push the envelope of search campaign performance to deliver more, faster, and better. The sources that fuel our self-imposed mandate to continually grow and innovate are data and the technology that delivers it. And this is also what sets us apart from the rest of the marketing/advertising world.

Why? Rapid availability of data enables Search Marketers to reach new levels of client service by providing data-driven insights. The information from up-to-the-minute access to consumer behavior and campaign performance down to the keyword-level allows strategic optimizations to take place with more assurance and security than marketing through other channels.

How does data strengthen the strategies behind successful search marketing?

  • Data is more accessible than ever before

API ASAP! The value of rapid data availability is the key to success in this industry. Realistically, the search marketer committed to data analysis and its implications is the one who will come out on top. Or, in our case, it’s our clients’ campaigns who benefit from our analytical insights.

  • Deeper analysis and strategy are available as a result of highly accessible data

When you’re able to access relevant, readily available data whenever you need it, you can spend more time actually analyzing the results and employing techniques to maximize efficiency. You’re free to focus on the best ways to get the most ROI from your/your clients’ campaigns.

  • Better analysis and strategy should foster account leadership and innovation

With an environment of strategic thinkers and doers, we need tools that allow us to think of new and better ways to plan and prepare for market fluctuations, competitive pressure, and marketing integration with other non-search channels. Easily accessible data enables us to spend time focusing on these initiatives, which in turn allows us to generate more profit through queries for our clients.

Through rapid data delivery and deeper analysis, one can gain a richer view of campaign activity and performance. This wealth of information gives way to strategic thought and delivery of insights, enabling optimal client service.

And there truly is an abundance of information from search data that no other marketing or media is able to provide. These learnings, if utilized to their full potential, can add value to non-search campaigns.

For instance, through search a marketer is able to determine how their consumers are searching, what they’re searching for, what content and/or advertising reaches them, and how they react to that experience to drive a profitable action (whatever that may mean for the brand). These actionable insights can be applied to other marketing channels to improve the consumer experience in those realms as well.

What began as a technological need to have higher availability of data ends as informed strategic optimizations, increased value for all parties, and an overall higher level of client satisfaction.

Posted by: Buck Dossey, Account Supervisor


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