More on that other word . . . Intentionality

By Steven Bauer

What is the big deal with this word? Well, not so much the word itself, but what does this word mean and why should search marketers care?

It’s all about INTENT, or the purpose behind what we all are doing; the intent of the advertiser as well as the intent of the consumer.

Let’s begin with the intent of the advertiser. From one perspective, the intentionality of search marketing is to drive traffic to an advertiser’s website. Is there a specific type of traffic they want to target? Are those types defined by age, gender, income or need?

From another stance, the advertiser is striving to deliver the best and be better than their online competition.

Let’s hope that advertisers also have the intentionality of providing the consumer with a good user-experience while they are online.

The intentionally of consumers is as varied as the consumers themselves. That said, awareness, information and purchase are the three main internationalities of consumers.

The challenge of an advertiser is to understand how these two, sometimes diverse, internationalities can work together to the benefit of the consumer and the advertiser. For example, the intentionality of automobile manufacturers is to sell cars and probably more cars than any other automobile manufacturer. The intentionality of a large group of consumers is to buy a vehicle that is fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. Therefore, for auto makers to sell more cars they need to listen to consumers and offer more vehicles that are fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.

So, what is the big deal with this word? The big deal is this—advertisers must be able to execute on their intentionality and that must, in turn, address the intentionality of the consumer.


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