It’s a Good Friday for Some Search News

By Brooke Nichols

It’s Good Friday and hopefully that means the beginning of a good weekend (and possibly the end of this eternal winter for us mid-westerners). This week, it looks like the search world is keeping an eye on net neutrality and looking for some r-e-s-p-e-c-t for S-E-O!

What if Microsoft Bought Time Warner Instead
Microsoft apparently wasn't too impressed with Yahoo's latest pronouncement that its rosy future warrants a bid of at least $40 per share, or $9 per share more than Microsoft's original offer. However, Microsoft might ultimately have to raise its offer, especially if Yahoo hits the targets set out in a press release. Paying $40 per share would add $12 billion to the $41 billion Microsoft originally offered. At that price, the software giant would be better off buying AOL parent Time Warner.

FCC Schedules Do-Over For Net Neutrality Hearing
With complaints still pending against Comcast for blocking traffic to peer-to-peer sites, the Federal Communications Commission is taking the unusual step holding a second public hearing about network management practices.

Why SEO Doesn't Get the Respect It Deserves
Marketing professionals who specialize in legitimate SEO (define) don't get a heck of a lot respect.

Five factors why search engine optimization pros have a tough job. Hint: it has nothing to do with black hats or Jason Calacanis.

Google Sees "Watershed Moment" For Mobile Usage
Google is now reporting that it is seeing a rapid increase in mobile Internet search and usage on several platforms. According to an interview with Reuters, Google mobile product manager Matt Waddell said, "We have very much hit a watershed moment in terms of mobile Internet usage. We are seeing that mobile Internet use is in fact accelerating."

Measuring the impact of offline media through search
Search is a great marketing channel to help you better understand the ROI of your offline media.

Because search captures demand generated by other media, it can help you determine the ROI for your offline marketing efforts. Tracking branded and relevant non-branded traffic to your site before and after your offline launch will allow you to determine the effectiveness.

Search In Pictures: Snoop Dogg, St. Patrick's Day & Danny Exposed
In this week's Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more.


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