A Valentine’s Ode to Excel

You’re the first thing I think of when I turn on my screen,
Without you in my life, I’d probably scream.
My use of you has gone to extremes,
You have even worked your way into my dreams.
Your fancy ’07 format is staring to make me smile,
Just using the new bubble charts makes my life worthwhile.

You make my data analysis so friggin’ simple,
I love you more than a school kid all full of pimples.
I hunger for your sweet vlookup and advanced auto filter,
Without it, my life would be greatly out of kilter.
A day without subtotals or fancy pivot tables,
Is the day I hang myself with my internet cable.
What’s at the top of my list of Excel infatuations?
I’m head over heels for your concatenation.

Microsoft Excel, it’s come time to say, my love for you is somewhat scary on this Valentine’s Day!

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Posted by: Jeff Campbell, VP Product Development & Innovation


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