Resolution Media in the News

By Brooke Nichols

ClickZ’s Rebecca Lieb gives another look into this week’s Yahoo! Searchlight Awards and mentions Resolution Media’s FedEx entry…

Search Delivery
Resolution Media teamed with OMD and Atmosphere BBDO to help FedEx get as much extra mileage as possible out of its stratospheric Super Bowl spend. The shop worked to optimize video and photo assets and bought the most memorable terms from the TV campaign, such as "mr. turkeyneck" and "moon office" to drive traffic to FedEx's dedicated football site. The spots don't live there anymore, but Resolution said paid search traffic spiked by a factor of 10 the day after the game, and paid search traffic increased 300 percent overall. It also claims 3 million "extra eyeballs" ended up watching the ads online as a result of the campaign. I'm a tad dubious; do they mean "extra" as in additional views, or were some of these repeat views?

Does it even matter? After all, "mr. turkeyneck" costs 10 cents per click. Compare that with the TV buy, and it's a no-brainer.

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