Shall I Compare Search To A Summer's Day?

By Aaron Goldman, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
Appeared In MediaPosts’s Search Insider

I WOULD, BUT ALAS, THAT'S 16 characters over Google's title limit. So, instead, I give you an Ode to Search in Haiku 2.0: <25 characters, <35 characters, <35 characters.
With A Click of the Mouse
You Read My Mind; Led Me Right to
The Intersection of Seek and Find.

You Give Me Many Options
And Allow Me to Pick; Personalized
Just for Me--Boy, You're so Slick.

Rendering My Memory
Of Dewey's Decimals Benign; Letting
Me Read Everything I Want Online.

Without You I'd be Lost
Out in Cyber-space; Buried Deep in
The Web Like Hoffa Without a Trace.

My Guide Down the Endless
Information Superhighway; No Tolls
To Pay, Unless Stevens Has His Way.

You Bring Me Information
Instantaneously; Satisfying Every
One of My Needs from A to D to D.

You've Helped Me Conquer
My Cyber-road Rage; God Bless Ole'
Brin, Ole' Schmidt and Ole' Page.

And Let Us Not Forget
Our Pals Gross, Filo, and Yang,
Who Molded You with Yodel Slang.

Look Out Now, Here Comes
The Gorilla; Late Out of the Gates
But a Solution That's Not Vanilla.

Not to be Outdone, Diller
Has Something in Store; Although
It's Not Butler Service Anymore.

Now if Only You Could Fix
Election Fraud; Forget Fake Clicks,
Index Votes--That We'd Applaud.

And Why Haven't We Used
You to Locate Osama; I'm Sure That
Google Earth Could End The Drama.

Perhaps You Can Rescue

My Radio or TV, So I Don't Have to
Consume All That Content Linearly.

Or Spider My Medicine
Cabinet so I Can Know What's Where;
And When to Buy My Wife More Nair.

For Now Though, I Suppose
I'll Take What I Can Get; After All
Life is Better Than Before We Met.

Please Don't Ever Leave
Me in a Lurch; I Can't Live Without
You--My Beautiful Darling, Search.

How Did I Stay in Spec?
I'm Truly Amazed; Note to Self:
Give All Our Copywriters a Raise.


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